About Truku
The Taste of Happiness  "The Simplest Happiness" -The life of the people in the mountain
The Truku from the forest and mountain live a happy life. For the people who live alone, the mouth harp is amusing and makes them happy. Believe Utux and observe the instructions of Gaya, and no problem is insolvable, any difficult can be overcome. The Truku encourage each other like this.

It is a bright sunny day. The heat is spreading in the air and makes people feel hot, impatient and sweat profusely. However, when the Truku take out the mouth harp comprising of a bamboo sheet, a copper sheet, a hemp cord and a section of wool and play it under an autumn maple tree with dense leafy shades, the people around there sing softly and the discomfort that the heat brings about are gone.

Singing and Dancing – Adaptability and Happiness

The Truku love singing. They sing in the ceremony, at work and for drinking. The commonly used notes are Re, Mi, So, La in a medium and low voice. Since living in the mountain and forest for generations, they intimate the sound of the wind, bird and water accompanied by appealing sound to make harmonious and pleasant songs.

Some share Truku’s delicious snack Hdama Brbrun. When the pleasant flavor of this banana cake spreads in the mouth, everybody laughs. The simply cooked bamboo rice and Butong, Truku’s traditional food wrapped in plantain leaves or giant elephant's ears, are handed around enthusiastically to fill the stomach.

When more and more people join the festival, some people sing and dance under the tree with the food in their hands. They step forward, backward, left or right and dance. Though the dance step is simple, the pleasant atmosphere attracts more people to enjoy the happiness.

To Live with Nature – Appreciation for the Gifts Bestowed by Utux

At nightfall, the Truku come to an empty area before the tree and make a three-stone oven. They collect plantain leaves, light them and put the clean stone on the leaves. “You can roast the meat on the stone. It tastes delicious!" Some people prepare the cups made of bamboos and bowls made of wood. The vegetable fern, lactuca indica, stream fish and stream shrimp are either cooked, roasted, stone-stewed or steamed in a bamboo utensil. They are served together with chicken, sticky rice cake and millet wine. The Truku enjoy the food while discussion the Thanksgiving Ceremony to be held in July.

The Truku believe that all happiness and disasters within Heaven and Earth are related to Utux. So they hold Utux Ceremony or Thanksgiving Ceremony in September every year after the millet is harvested. The Truku usually wear simple clothes. The "ramie clothes" made using the ramie root have a white bottom woven with simple geometric patterns to indicate the diamond eyes of Utux. However, they wear the "hero costume" for the ceremony. It is a diamond-shaped chest covering with a bear totem. The bead costume is also the clothing for ceremonies. It is decorated with seashells and the Truku wear it with a beautiful Job's-tears necklace.

The time for the Utux Ceremony is determined by the head and elders of the tribe. All Truku males come to the site before sunrise. Each holds a bamboo bar with sticky cakes and pork. These sacrifices will be distributed to participants after the ceremony ends.

Everybody laughs happily when talking about the ceremony. They also talk about the "sowing ceremony", "weaving ceremony", "hunting ceremony" and "harvest ceremony". These activities and the special interesting contests arranged for the activities attract many young people to come back for the ceremonies, which is helpful for enhancement of the cohesion among the Truku.