About Truku
Heritage for Generations – Tongmen Knife
The red fire accompanying the wild roar of the blower, the succeeding Msalu Pucing (knife maker) of the Truku takes a heavy hammer to beat the steel. Forging, polishing, quenching and other processes are carried out carefully because what to be made is the knife, or Tongmen Knife, that represents the life to the warrior of Truku.

The knife is not only a necessary for daily life, but also a symbol of honor. Every boy who is going to become an adult will be granted a knife in an official ceremony. The knife is used for hunting, building a house, tilling and braiding rattan. The Truku woman also carries a simple and useful dagger when going out to meet the requirements doe living in the mountain.

The Tongmen knife combines the excellent forging technique with the spirit of the Truku warriors to fight in the natural world. It can ward off evils and remove evil spirits. With the totem decoration of the Truku on the hilt, Tongmen knife is not only the pride of the Truku, but also the collection of many people.

The King of Knives - the Truku

The knife is an important tool in the daily life of the Truku and is necessary for hunting, building a house and tilling. As the Truku often say, "One knife and a pack of salt are enough to live in the mountain." The Tongmen knife is the King of Knives to the Truku.

Tongmen, or Meqmegi in Truku language, means "The tribe built by the Qregi family". Copper mines were disclosed here in the Japanese Colonial Period. Because it was a pass to the mountain in this area, the name "Tongmen" was given and the knife produced here was called Tongmen knife.

The use and application of ironware were introduced to the Truku when the Dutch occupied Taiwan. The aboriginal Truku in Tongmen then learnt the iron forging technique from the Hans. The knife-making technique was improved in the Japanese Colonial Period and Tongmen knife became famous for its rigidness and sharpness. Many outstanding Msalu Pucing (knife makers) merged and recognized during this period.

The Tongmen knife is the highly praised knife of the Truku. Many people come here to buy a knife or order a customized knife.

A Symbol of Braveness – Ward off Evil, Remove Evil Spirits and Ensure a Safe Life

The Tongmen knife looks like a crescent in shape. When walking through a luxuriant forest, a nice crescent knife is helpful to open up a trail to pass through and hunt animals.

The Tongmen knife represents the unyielding spirit and braveness of the Truku males. Some knifes are decorated with the hair of animals as a symbol of glorious war merits, others are decorated with traditional totems of the Truku.

Due to the functions of warding off evils, removing evil spirits and ensuring a safe life, the Tongmen knife is often carried to avoid the attack of evil in the mountain.

Now, the Msalu Pucing of the Truku inherits the traditional knife making method to beat the steel at the temperature of higher than 500℃ besides the furnace at the temperature of 800℃. Only careful control of the rigidity can make an excellent Tongmen knife, and only the purely manual process can customize an ergonomically good knife. The Tongmen knife has acquired good market reputation and been highly praised by the consumer over the past years.